There’s power in the company you keep. 

From our years of experience in the hospitality industry, we’ve learned that our favorite clients are service-minded, just like us. We are skilled in making people happy through experiences, and when we’re able to collaborate with like-minded individuals, magic happens.

The world is full of inspiration and opportunities.

And we’re open to exploring all of it. Pearls of ideas come from even the tiniest of moments. We follow the inspiration, build off it, and we definitely make it fun along the way. We gravitate to people and businesses that have this same mentality—it makes the work within our partnership even more powerful.

Joëlle Creamer

Founder (and Dreamer)

The essence of Joëlle’s professional drive blossomed from being a kid in a family of entrepreneurs. From her time in hospitality, she learned there’s nothing more fulfilling than delighting (and surprising!) someone on their best day…or their worst. She applies this to her work as much and as often as she can. Beginning with her early career in advertising to her current role as resident dreamer, she’s a true-blue brand believer, marketing gumshoe and word whisperer.

Catherine Bouley

Strategist (and Organizer)

Marie Kondo has nothing on Catherine. Under her watch, she keeps projects moving forward on task, on time and on point. With a background in customer service, event planning, marketing and project management, she is used to wearing many hats; but much prefers helping clients figure out which solution best suits their business.

Donna Talbot

Manager (and Go-getter)

A devoted leader in the Greater Manchester, NH community, previously serving on the leadership team of multiple companies in the area of customer and client services, Donna knows how to get things done, and with a smile. She makes sure all things at Creamer & Co are cream(er) of the crop, managing everything enterprise-related.

The “& Co” part.

When you work with Creamer & Co, you partner with us hot shots, but also the best-of-the-best industry professionals. From graphic designers and web developers, to photographers and digital marketing experts, our ensemble delivers modern marketing and sales solutions, resources, and best practices to better serve you and your business.

So, what’s next? Let’s connect to see if our company is good for yours.